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The town of Morehead is home to a well-preserved history, a highly acclaimed university and booming economic development. In the heart of downtown, the Morehead Conference Center (MCC) is one of the largest and most prestigious conference centers in Kentucky.

Hikers can get caffeinated at Fuzzy Duck's and make a short stop in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park before heading on to Tennessee. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy live acoustic music in the beautiful amphitheater of the Morehead Conference Center. So come with the family and join us for a picnic with great food, great views and great music in one of Kentucky's most beautiful parks.

The Kentucky Folk Art Center (KFAC), housed in the Union Grocery building from around 1906, displays the works of self-taught Kentucky artists from around the country and the world. The Rowan County Arts Center offers a wide range of arts and crafts, music, dance, theater and more. CMSB is a thriving music scene in Morehead County, Kentucky, with bands featuring local artists, local musicians, musicians from across the state and local businesses.

Besides my parents, I survived the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Survivors include my sister, brother-in-law, and my father, his wife, and three children.

He also teaches music in Warsaw, KY, and is excited about his new book "Can't even walk without holding hands." In addition to teaching at Morehead State, Dr. Hammond also teaches at the University of Kentucky and directs the MSU Horn Ensemble. Towell teaches violin and viola and conducts the university orchestra. Ramey Marriner's daughter Emma started violin lessons in the 4th grade string program and is still with Towel through 11th grade.

He plays banjo and guitar, his main instrument, as well as piano, violin, viola, cello and piano solo and solo.

With more than just this knowledge, J.T. has the ability to feel the melody and use it in the best interests of music. He does this with a deep understanding of how to propel a song into the next realm, and he can do it in his own way, no matter how small or large. In addition to singing harmony with the Clack Mountain String Band, he also plays guitar, violin, viola, cello and piano solo and solo, as well as piano and violin solo.

He is a member of the Clack Mountain String Band and a horn player at the University of Kentucky. His horn players include the late Dr. Richard H. Hirsch, a professor of horn at Kentucky State University, and his father, J.T. "Bobby" Hickey.

He is a founding member of the CMSB, which is committed to giving a presence to old mountain music in the Morehead community. Tony has hosted Bluegrass Railroad, hosted Country Jukebox and tackled original music by recording a new television show for KET featuring the talents of Kentucky musicians.

Brett Ratliff hails from a small mining community called Van Lear, KY, and is now the group's knock-down banjo player. The Pence Christian Bluegrass Railroad will continue the tradition as requested and play current bluegrass music on the latest state of the genre. We will perform in front of a large crowd of friends, family and friends from all over the country and the world.

I started to take music more seriously when I decided to try out the banjo my grandmother bought me for Christmas when we were in kindergarten. At some point my passion for music led me to learn a few chords on the guitar, take piano lessons and join the concert band of my school, where I played trombone. As a teenager, I organized a band called Kentucky Travelers, which appeared in movies and touring theaters.

After emailing Larry a sample of my game, he hired me as a member of the Lonesome Ramblers, and I'm still in the band today.

Jesse Wells was recruited at the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music to master the record, and it was released on June 2, 2016. That same month, I attended Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers Show in Clay City, KY. After building up a small fan base, the Woodsheep completed an East Coast tour that included stops in New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, as well as a trip to South Africa and South Korea. This included a stop in Nashville, Tennessee, a visit to the Nashville Music Hall of Fame and an appearance on the Bluegrass Music Network.

The string program has now been expanded to include 140 students and a 50% waiting list. It has been expanded to a full-time program for students from across the country.

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More About Moorhead