Moorhead Kentucky Restaurants

Barbecue restaurant worth a visit is Southern Moon Pit Barbecue, which is located on the edge of Portsmouth and has been offering barbecues for some time.

Located on the outskirts of Richmond, this place is considered one of the best barbecue restaurants in Kentucky and is just a few blocks from the University of Virginia campus.

This affordable barbecue restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Louisville, just three miles from downtown Prestonsburg and on the city limits.

J.T.'s Stove Bbq Co. is located in the very center of Campton and is a really good barbecue restaurant that makes it into the top five barbecue restaurants in Kentucky. Ricks' Barbecue & More is located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and is one of the best BBQ restaurants in Louisville and the city limits. This house is located far from the center of Camptonsburg and is another really good barbecue restaurant.

Woody's Bbq Grill is located on the outskirts of the city and is another barbecue restaurant worth a visit. Bull Steak & Wings Entrtn, on the edge of Hazard, is a bar-BBQ restaurant worth a visit - pure.

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More About Moorhead