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If you want to buy new furniture for your home in Morehead, KY, you can visit countless furniture stores to find everything you are looking for. Whatever style you choose, you can get your furniture from Rent - A - Center in morehead, which can help you add a style to your homes and give you the feeling you're looking forward to. From artistically designed headboards to high-quality sofas and chairs to everything in between, rent-a-center has everything you need to give every home the right style or feel. With furniture of all styles in every room and all under one roof, they had everything and have all styles.

You don't want to give up quality to get the most out of your budget, as they offer tailored and flexible payment options that best suit your needs. The Worry - Free Guarantee means you can replace your furniture when you are ready to change.

We want to inspire our customers with our constantly changing offers and at the same time offer friendly and consistent customer service. Our store staff provide the best possible service to customers on the sales floor, leading to regular customers and increased sales. We are a convenient and welcoming store where everyone can find their style and brand, and we offer a wide range of products to make shopping easy, affordable and rewarding for you and your family.

Your furniture needs to stand out, and we keep your home and your loved one's house polished to a high gloss with stable, rented - up to - your own furniture that can last a long time.

Must be able to drive and execute presentation and department reshuffles, and be willing to have a full-time staff of 3-4 full-time employees to replenish and maintain the goods. Must be able to drive and pull changes in the presentation department, as well as customer service and customer support.

Visit your local Morehead Rent-A-Center to find out how you can help bring home the quality furniture you've dreamed of. From upgrading your comfortable, affordable mattress to the comfort of your bedroom, you have a bedroom dA - cor to add beauty and style to any room in your home. We may not be able to decide which style we love most, but we think you might change your mind. Make sure your dining room is ready, or find rental - - one - own - dining room sets at Rent a A Center in the city you live in.

In 1987, after the founding of the outlet retail business, his son E.R. Beall decided to open the first "Beall's Outlets" in Florida.

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More About Moorhead