Fargo officer shoots at Minnesota man who pointed gun at him

Published 10-24-2018

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FARGO, N.D. (AP) - A Minnesota man is being held after allegedly pointing a handgun at a Fargo police officer who fired shots at the suspect.

Deputy Fargo Police Chief Joe Anderson says the officer was trying to question the man about a stolen bicycle late Wednesday morning. Anderson says the man ran from the officer, who chased him. During the chase, the man apparently pointed a gun at the officer, who fired at the suspect.

Another officer found the man. The suspect was subdued with a stun gun and taken to a hospital.

KFGO reports the Moorhead man was later cleared to be taken to the Cass County Jail. He is being held on suspicion of terrorizing.

The officer was not hurt. The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation is handling the investigation.

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